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From 2003 till 2007, Dynamic Deism was a vibrant, wonderful community of seekers who believed, as Thomas Paine once said, that "God Exists, and there it lies".  The DD Community grew to over 200 members, and had wonderful theological exploration and seeking together. 

Sadly, a number of factors conspired to its being "officially" shut down in 2007, not the least of which being its founder (David Pyle) moving on to a broader theological focus than Deism.  This is in some ways appropriate, as DD was founded itself in the decline of the United Deist Church. 

DD included many different parts, although the most vibrant and active was the "Dynamic Deism Online Community and Fellowship".  This was an online discussion and community forum for Deists to share not only theological reflection, but also to share experiences about life as a Deist. 

Some sections of that forum were private, and it would not be appropriate to share them on the open web... but DD always had a large amount of its discussion available for anyone to see.  Those sections have been preserved in the archive.  The sections that were private can still be accessed by those with valid userid's and passwords from the old forum.

This is a closed archive forum.  You cannot join if you were not already a member before October of 2007.  Legacy members can still log in, see the "Fellowship" section, and even continue to make changes and post.  Sadly, due to corruption in the membership files, we here at Celestial Lands can not make any alterations to the forum structure. 

What was formerly known as the "Dynamic Deism Library", an online collection of Deist and related works, has been expanded to become the "Celestial Lands Library".  Please visit it!

For Deists or DD Legacy members who are still interested in Deism Bumperstickers, Deist coffeemugs, and Deism shirts to spread the "Non-Prophet Religion"... you can still visit: http://www.cafepress.com/dynamicdeism

For all of you who participated in DD, especially those who were members of the "Dynamic Deism Fellowship" I (David Pyle) can not tell you how indebted I am to you.  You helped me grow theologically and spiritually, and much of whom I am today as a minister grew from your encouragement and willingness to be in relationship with me.  To the Administrators, Moderators, and other Leaders of DD, I am more grateful for your time, talent, and advice over the years.  You all have amazing energy and wisdom, and I know you are moving on to better and better works in this world. 

Thank you all for everything... 

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