Welcome to our Library!  This is a collection of Historical and more modern texts about Unitarian Universalism and related philosophy.  Feel free to copy, borrow, use, and steal, just so long as you give proper credit to the original author and this site! 

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This is a collection of classic Unitarian Universalist writings, as well as related texts and scriptures.  The ideas and thoughts in this section span generations, and cover many different religious views, positions, and thoughts.  This section is by no means inclusive of Unitarian Universalism, nor are all of the authors Unitarian Universalist.  They are simply works that David felt expressed aspects of the tradition of Liberal Faith. 

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This is our collection of those wonderful historic writers, such as Thomas Paine, Ethan Allen, Matthew Tindal, and many, many more who had the courage of their convictions and write about Deism.  This is the place for Deists to study all the thought that has gone before!  Just remember, these are the perspective of the men who wrote them... these are by no means "scripture".  Read them, but remember the most important ideas are the ones you are inspired to as you peruse these great Deist Historical writings!

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This is our collection of writings of your Modern Deist Thinkers.  All works in this section are published here with the author's permission, but we ask you confer with that author before republishing his original work.  This is a great place to gain inspiration from the thoughts of fellow Deists.  If you would like to have Deist writings of your own featured here, please send us an email!

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No matter how hard we try, we cannot have a complete and total collection of Philosophy, religious thought, and inspirational writings.  Fortunately we do not have to!  This is our collection of links to great philosophy and literature archives on the internet. 


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