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This new book is a case study in conversion--my conversion--from a rebellious teenager to Christian minister and Bible College instructor to an honest doubter.  I am a doubter when it comes to traditional evangelical Christianity, and this book presents a very powerful case against it by a former defender of it. One thing you’ll notice is that I was a Christian apologist with several master’s degrees set for the express purpose of defending traditional Christianity from intellectual attacks.  I was not afraid of any idea, because I was convinced that traditional Christianity was true and could withstand all attacks. Now I turn that same intellectual muscle into questioning the things I formerly defended.

If you want only one book to hand to your friends that will dismantle traditionally Christianity, this is it.  This book deals with the key issues of that faith.  In it I describe myself as a Deistic Existentialist.   See Table of Contents:

Table of Contents                                                     Page


Introduction                                                                                                 4    


My Christian Conversion and Passionate Faith                           7

Why I Changed My Mind: My Other Conversion                       15

Excepts From Letters To Dr. Virgil Warren                                       27

A Letter to Dr. James D. Strauss                                                            38

The Last Sermon I Ever Preached                                                         44 


Faith and Reason                                                                                      49

Does God Exist?                                                                                         59           

The Problem of Unanswered Prayer                                                   72

The Problem of Evil                                                                                  77    


The Lessons of Galileo, Science and Religion                               81

Science and Genesis 1-2                                                                           90 

Science and Genesis 2-3                                                                           97 

Science and Biblical Miracles                                                                 102               

Do Miracles Take Place?                                                                          106               

Was Jesus Born of a Virgin in Bethlehem?                                         117               

Was Jesus God Incarnate?                                                                       120               

“The Passion of Christ”: Why Did Jesus Suffer?                              123               

Did Jesus Bodily Rise From the Dead?                                          128

The Devil Made Me Do It!                                                                        140               

Hell? No!                                                                                                      143               

Prophecy and Biblical Authority                                                    146

The Cumulative Case Briefly Summarized                                   153


What I Believe Today.                                                                               156                           

A Deistic Existentialist’s Faith.                                                              164                                                

What About Reincarnation?                                                                  166

What If I’m Wrong?                                                                                  171

A Response And Discussion with Pastor Tom Smith.                   174

A Picture of John and Gwen Loftus                                                     187


Is Baptism Necessary For Salvation?                                             189                              

Is Baptism Necessary—One More Time.                                      194

The Flood, Geology, and The Age of the Earth                            203

The Pharisees: Were They That Bad?                                            206

Luke and Gospel Criticism                                                             209

The Dating of Matthew’s Gospel                                                   212

Quotable Quotes From This Book                                                        214

A Partial List of My Published Christian Writings                     215

Some Axioms and Proverbs                                                           216