How to read the Deism Library

In Microsoft Reader

We know that reading books online can be tedious.  You lose your place, you get confused in long passages, and it is just plain difficult.  Having a book you can turn the ears over on, make notes in, and just turn pages in is just so much more convenient.

However, purchasing all those books would be so expensive.  Some of them are not even in print.  So, we have worked out a compromise.  That compromise it is the use of Microsoft Reader.

Now, there are several ways we tried to provide our content in MS Reader, and they all worked for some, and not others.  We created one that seems to work for most, even if it is a little involved.  So bear with us as we lay it out here for you. 

We are providing some books already in Microsoft Reader format.  After you Download Microsoft Reader (step 2), try to download the work you wish to read.  If that does not work, follow the rest of the steps outlined in this process.


    First, you need a version of Microsoft Word to use as a word processor.  Also, we recommend at least 150mb of RAM to make this Process work (though it can be done with as little as 50mb).  If you are planning on using a PDA or other device to read the books, then make sure you have a synchronization program or another way to pass data between your PC and the PDA (We recommend Microsoft Activesync). 

Step 1:  Get a .Net Passport account

    Microsoft Reader is a free program, available for public access.  The only thing you need to do is sign up for an account at .Net Passport .  If you already have an account with Hotmail, or  MSN Network, then you already have a password, and can use your email account and password to activate your MS Reader.

Step 2:  Download Microsoft Reader

    Go to the Microsoft Reader download page, and choose the download you need for either your PC or laptop computer.  The site is interactive, and it will guide you through the download process.

Step 3:  Download "Read-in Microsoft Reader" plug in for Word

   Go to the "Read in Microsoft Reader" download page, and choose the download WordRMR.exe .  This will add a feature to your Microsoft Word program that will allow you to turn any Microsoft Word file into a Microsoft Reader E-book, and will correctly place it in either your PC Microsoft Reader, or your PDA Microsoft Reader program.  This works for any word file, even ones that you write. 

Step 4: Highlight, cut and paste the book of your choice

    Choose the work of your choice from our library, go to that work's page in our library.  Then go to the "Edit/Select All" command from your browser's toolbar.  Once all of the document is highlighted, go to the "Edit/Copy" command of your toolbar.  Once that is accomplished, open up your Microsoft Word program.  Open a blank document, and select the "Edit/Paste" command from the Word toolbar.  The document should appear in Word.  Select the "File/Save As" command to name the document and save it to your computer.

Step 5: Build your E-book

    Once you have saved the work to your computer, you are ready to build your e-book.  In Microsoft Word, open the File menu, and select the "Read" command (it should have a black r with three green leaves next to it.)  If the computer asks you to save the document, do so.  It will then open up a window asking for the title and author of your e-book.  If you have a computer and a PDA, it will ask which one you wish the book in.  After filling out this information, click ok.  The program will then build and install your e-book for you.


Congratulations!  You have now built your first E-book!  From this point on, you need only repeat steps 4 and 5 to build an E-book from our Deism library, (or anywhere else for that matter.) 

Microsoft Reader will remember your pages for you, store multiple books, add bookmarks, highlights, and even text notes into the book for you to remember.  Once you get a little confident in it, you can even transfer your books (with highlights and notes) between your PC and PDA.  It is not as good as reading a book you can hold in your hands, but it is the next best thing, and it is so much cheaper! 

And, even better, you can now turn your own writings into E-books for others to read!

If you find a problem with our system, let us know at Dynamic Deism Administrator and we will try and fix it. 

Enjoy the library.