Travis Clementsmith

November 2004

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Non-Locality *

Cube ‘O Spirit *

Spiritual Evolution - Deology *

Motion And Form *

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Why A Model?

When discussing a subject as ineffable as the possible nature, function, and quality of God, it is often difficult to relate certain concepts. By referring to a model and common language of reference, we might be able to better communicate our ideas and judge their merit. Of course, the problem is developing a model that can incorporate different views and be open ended enough to expand and incorporate new insights and developments.

Unfortunately, this is an impossible task. Any model I create would obviously be biased towards my preference even if I claimed I could account for other views within the general model. But, I believe, it is important to start somewhere and simply acknowledge the bias. This allows the individual Deist (or anyone for that matter) to assess whether this model is worthwhile. I believe it is and I also believe it can account for and explain the possible questions concerning such matters. Now, it is up to you to decide.



This is the most difficult concept to grasp. The paradoxical nature of non-locality makes representations, whether written or illustrated, frustrating to conceptualize. The best way I have heard it described is thus: In the manifest world, sound has a location it originates from and travels to. The further away the receptor is from the instigator, the less audible the sound will be. But, in a non-local environment, the sound is heard at the same level of audibleness no matter how far apart the two participants are. This has often been described as being everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Paradox.

So, how does one illustrate the paradox of non-locality? Fruitlessly, I’m afraid. But I’m stubborn enough to give it a wag. The important thing to remember is that a representation of Spirit does not have physical location of its unmanifest nature, but such nature is imperative to its existence, like attempting to remove the back side of a coin.


Cube ‘O Spirit

I’ve decided to represent the vastness and eternalness of Spirit as….a cube. This is simply for conceptualization purposes. It is not a panendeistic claim that God is a cube. The true nature of God is only represented as a clear cube. For future purposes, the cube will be referred to as Deity.

Deity is the Tao, Spirit, Godhead, Brahman, or the One of Platonism. Deity simply is, but for whatever reason, "throws itself out" in an act described as First Cause. First Cause is not a physical event; it is a spiritual event where an aspect of Deity begins to gradually lose its conception that it is Deity in an increasing intensity, or density of Spirit. I have illustrated this spiritual event as gradual shading from the top of the cube (Omega) to the bottom of the cube (Alpha).

The Omega represents the most ethereal nature of Deity (sometimes referred to as "Paradise" or "Heaven") while the Alpha represents the densest nature of Deity (sometimes referred to as the "Ground of All Being"). But the true spiritual reality is that neither the Omega or the Alpha or any point "in between" is ever separated from Deity or anything but Deity, it only has aspects that perceive itself as increasingly less Deity as it moves from the Omega source until it lacks almost all capability of that recognition at Alpha.

The next non-local "spiritual action" that occurs in this model is the Unmoved Mover. I have represented this as a multicolored cyclonic funnel that begins at Omega and ends with contact at Alpha. The Unmoved Mover "stirs up" the various levels of shaded Deity to form parameters of being. I have simply changed the degrees of shading to color bands for simpler distinction. There is nothing set about the number of bands or their colors, and I will explain why I have chosen the ones I have later. The parameters of being represent the range of possible manifestations associated with that level. The smallest parameter of being touches Alpha while the widest touches Omega.

Once this cyclonic funnel contacts Alpha it forms a "spiritual eddy". This eddy is termed the Primary Matrix. The Primary Matrix sets the general perceptional spin rate for the ensuing manifestation. The manifestation is then represented as a cyclonic funnel that reaches back towards Omega from Alpha, and is termed the proleptic urge. Before we proceed on to the manifesting realm, I have one final note on the unmanifest realm. I have divided Deity into four general levels of mysticism based on Ken Wilber’s model. Once the proleptic urge funnel begins to manifest towards Omega, any manifestation will only sensually and psychologically perceive "things" within that funnel. That does not mean that all of reality is located within the proleptic urge funnel, and that mystical insight may allow access "outside" said funnel. This is what is meant when the mystic claims that mystical insight is "an expansion of consciousness" of a particular realm of manifest consciousness. It also helps represent why mystical insight is said to be "unifying" or "wholeness" because the mystical realm surrounds and penetrates the funnel area of manifestation. We will discuss this possibility more in another section.

The Primary Matrix can be thought of alternately as a single eddy rotating about the point of contact with the Unmoved Mover or as a series of eddies that spin off "away" from the point of contact with the Unmoved Mover. The former works well with the concept of a single universe while the later opens up the theoretical "multiverse" possibility. Because the Unmoved Mover is non-local Spirit, it is never really separated from any potential "spun off" Primary Matrix. One can imagine that "another" Unmoved Mover funnel moves along with each Primary Matrix. I leave that up to each individual to decide what works best for him or her. The whole process, from Deity to First Cause to Unmoved Mover to Primary Matrix can be alternately described as "involution" or "descending current".


Spiritual Evolution - Deology

It is important to stress, once again, that this model is not a scientific model in the sense it is not an empirical model. So, when we begin to discuss the "manifest side" of the model, we are describing a possible spiritual theory (or Deology) that can encompass specific studies on the nature of manifestation into a coherent whole. Therefore, because Deology may include the study of physics or biology, it is not necessary for a physicist or biologist to understand Deology. This differs from many Western religious traditions which tried to make science support their theology. Deology simply looks at a possible way these various fields might be interrelated in a way that provides us a map towards a certain understanding of that whole, which we term Deity.

In the model, I will use one general proleptic urge funnel to demonstrate the principle. But, what I actually theorize is that with each addition or access to deeper levels of the parameters of being, smaller eddies are created within the larger eddy. The spin speed for each eddy is the same, but as the diameter of the subsequent eddies decreases, the turn radius increases producing an eddy that can push further into the deeper parameters of being which then reveals the new potentialities of that level.

This may be a bit confusing, so I’ll try and give an analogy. Imagine there were a buoy in the middle of a large body of water and we put three speedboats at a quarter of a mile, a half mile, and a mile from the buoy. We then have all three boats circle the buoy at their respective distance, each going 50mph. This speed represents the spin rate established by the Primary Matrix. The amount of time it takes for each boat to make one revolution, however, decreases with the smaller diameter that must be traveled. We will call this revolution time and influence, Providence. The larger the Providence, the shallower the funnel penetrates into the parameters of being.

Going back to our example, let us now spread these boats out on a horizontal line east of the buoy where the first boat still circles in a mile, but the second boat now turns within the radius of the first, and the third boat turns within the radius of the second. The constant spin of the first will have an effect on the water pattern to a mild degree, maybe producing a shallow eddy. The second boat will have a more pronounced effect, and the third even more so, yet all of these eddies occur on the same plane of water. This emphasizes one of the most important "laws" of our Deology: The greater the span, the less the depth; the greater the depth, the less the span. So we can now say a smaller span of Providence will have a greater depth in the parameters of being. A large span in Providence will have a shallower depth in the parameters of being.

One last note on Providence before we move on: Any aspect of the manifest universe can have a Providence. Therefore a person, a planet, an idea, a solar system, a cultural movement, a flower, and so on, can all have an influence of Providence. Some of these Providences will not hold their form and will mesh back into a larger Providence. Others will collect more energy and possibly produce smaller (but deeper) Providences of their own.


Motion And Form

All manifesting Providences will be described as general waves of consciousness. The first wave of motion and form is the preconscious wave. Study within the preconscious wave is termed "physics". I have chosen the Hot Big Bang model to illustrate how Deology incorporates a physical model into its overall span. This does not mean this particular model is the correct or only one available to Deists. Once the general idea is in place, I believe any model can be incorporated.

Starting from Alpha:

Quantum effects – laws of physics unknown

Grand Unification Theory – take your pick from String Theory to Quantum Gravity

Quark and antiquark dominated epoch

Formation of protons, neutrons and mesons – Quark confinement and disappearance of antiquarks

Protons and neutrons bind together as nuclei of hydrogen, helium, lithium and beryllium.

Matter and radiation couple together

Matter and radiation decouple as electrons bind with nuclei. The universe becomes transparent to the cosmic background radiation

Clusters of matter form quarks, stars, and protogalaxies. Stars burning primordial hydrogen and helium synthesize heavier nuclei

Solar systems condense around stars. Atoms link to form complex molecules and living matter 1

The first illustration allows us to view the proleptic urge funnel from the outside as it passes through the first parameters of being. As each level is accessed, it churns up its particular properties highlighted by the different colors and then adds them to the properties already "in the mix". This is demonstrated in the next figure. Here we are looking at the proleptic urge funnel from the "mouth". Providence spins the properties from the parameters of being, like a rig drilling for oil, and distributes them throughout the manifest surface mouth (msm). The msm represents our "visible universe". It is where all of our Providences form and interact. Recalling our boat example, the surface of the water is our msm. It is important to remember that added depth from the parameters of being is not the only factor in what emerges on the msm. Just as the wakes created from the paths of the three boats will interact and influence one another, so too does the msm have horizontal influences.

These interactions produce wondrous and sometimes horrendous results. However, as Providences become more stable, they usually produce a pattern that appears quite set, some may say "determined", even if it didn’t originally start out that way. The first Providence in the preconscious wave is the quantum effects. I like this for a number of reasons. Because the quantum field is so close to the Alpha source we might expect some rather remarkable properties associated with it. And indeed, that is the case with quantum mechanics. Properties of the quantum field are said to emerge from "nowhere". In Deology, according to this model, we can say they emerge from unmanifest Alpha source which is "everywhere and nowhere". But we must always remember the distinction. The quantum is not "god" or "spirit" because it has location, it is physics. It is therefore not necessary to invoke or even acknowledge Alpha to talk about quantum mechanics. To do so is to confuse the manifest with the unmanifest.

If we recall our model of the Unmoved Mover funnel, the smallest parameter of being is represented as yellow. Because of its size, the possibilities of its eventual manifestation in the proleptic urge funnel will be quite small. But, because it is the first property to manifest, it has the entire span of the Primary Matrix to cover. So, even if multiple Primary Matrixes are formed, the probability is very high that the manifesting form in said universes at that level will be very similar to our quantum field. As we move further into the deeper parameters of being the possibilities increase creating a greater probability in the variety of manifest forms. Universe 1 and Universe 2 may both have similar quantum fields, but that is no guarantee both will eventually form solar systems.


Movement And Perception

The next general sphere of consciousness is the semiconscious. This is a biosphere and the field of biology. I have used shades of blue and green to designate the various depths at this level. On Earth, I have chosen to divide these by epics:

Precambrian Time – First micro-organisms appear and give atmosphere the oxygen that larger animals need o breathe

Cambrian Period – No life on land but shellfish thrive in the oceans

Ordovician Period – Sahara is covered in ice; fish-like creatures evolve from the sea

Silurian Period – Plants appear on land and fish in rivers

Devonian Period – Insects and amphibian evolve; ferns and mosses as big as trees

Carboniferous Period – Reptiles evolve; vast areas of swampy fern forest

Permian Period – Conifers appear, but many animals die out as deserts spread

Triassic Period – Mammals and seed bearing plants appear

Jurassic Period – Age of the dinosaurs; some dinosaurs evolve into birds

Cretaceous Period – Dinosaurs die out; first flowering plants

Tertiary Period – First large mammals appear, birds thrive; grasslands spread

Quaternary Period – Many mammals die out; humans evolve 2

It is difficult to fathom the complexity and number of sub-eddies that have arisen to churn up the new depths of the parameters of being. Each life form on Earth has a Providence which in turn spin about on the Earth’s Providence which itself spins about on our Sun’s solar system Providence which spins about the Milky Way’s Providence which spins about its galaxy cluster Providence which spins about its galaxy family Providence which spins about the focal point of the universe’s Providence which may ultimately spin about a multiverse Providence. Whew, dizzy yet? Well, we’re only a little more than half way through on our way back to Omega.


Emotion And Thought

Whereas the previous Providences were largely unaware or barely aware entities, the emergence of the conscious wave presents grand possibilities and a new confusion, sometimes dread. According to Christian theology, man’s fall into sin is represented by being cast out of the Garden of Eden. But according to the panendeistic model, conscious man did not "fall" from an Omega paradise but rather became aware that his/her existence had differentiated itself by rising through the environment about it. At one point humans were not much more than semiconscious apes, now they are conscious homo sapiens. No longer are they tossed about at the whim of thoughtless motion nor react ignorantly to simple perceivable objects. Humans are now ready to add value and intention to the manifest realm:

Beige Primal Self – Archaic, foraging survival clans

Purple Magical Self – Tribal, foraging ethnic tribes

Red Egocentric Self – Heroic, horticultural feudal empires

Blue Saintly Self – Mythic Order, agrarian ancient nations

Orange Achiever Self – Scientific, rational, industrial corporate states

Green Sensitive Self – Pluralistic, industrial value communities 3

Spiral Dynamics refers to these levels as First Tier or subsistence levels. They are driven largely by ego and identify with a particular mind "attached" to a particular brain "in" a particular body. They are often competitive, concluding that their particular worldview is the "correct" worldview. They are also motivated by fear of the knowledge of their own temporality. This fear diminishes as the further depths of the parameters of being are fathomed and realized. These parameters of being also seem to oscillate between emphasis on the individual to emphasis in the community (Beige, Red, Orange = Individual; Purple, Blue, Green = Community).

It is only with the development of the conscious wave that things such as architecture, politics, art, language, technology, economics, science, philosophy, and so on evolve. Often, it is thought, that these things are not "natural". But that is incorrect as they are natural manifestations of the conscious wave. Just as the semiconscious wave took elements of the preconscious wave and added the new properties obtained from the newly opened parameter of being to "make" its new manifestations, the conscious now draws upon the previous two realms and adds its new properties from its newly opened parameters of being to make its new manifestations. The properties acquired at the conscious wave are emotions, use of symbols, formation of concepts, development of concrete and formal operations, and vision-logic.


Wisdom And Virtue

The next general wave of consciousness pushes beyond any manifestation we currently know. Wisdom (the ability to witness the Manifest without aversion or attachment) and Virtue (or Karma) are the defining characteristics of the hyperconscious. Spiral Dynamics describes these levels as Second Tier or being levels. In Christian theology, these are the levels of the Soul. But in Deology, Soul is simply an evolution of consciousness. Whereas the First Tier associated primarily with an individual aspect (body), Second Tier begins to see the entire Manifest (including thoughts and emotions) as its body and to care for the whole as if it were its body:

Yellow Integral Self – Informational integral commons

Turquoise Holistic Self – Molecular holistic meshworks 4

Coral Global Self – Not Yet Emerged

Sapphire Self – NYE

Thermal Orange Self – NYE

Emerald Self – NYE

Here we are simply projecting based on the pattern of six at the conscious wave. Yellow and Turquoise have only emerged in a very few individuals, so the type of manifest society they will influence is not entirely known. The Green level of the First Tier hasn’t even really developed to its full potential yet. The Orange level still dominates the leading edge nations of societal consciousness.

I theorize that these levels are accessed as certain lines of development are increased through focused discipline. In Ken Wilber’s Integral Philosophy, these lines of development begin in the First Tier and are our means to Second Tier. Thus, lines of development are their own Providences which spin about the general conscious individual and increase independently from one another. Possible lines include cognitive, moral, interpersonal, spiritual, affective, artistic, and athletic. Michael Jordan may have developed an athletic hyperconscious line even if his other lines may not have reached such. The Dalai Lama may have developed a spiritual hyperconscious line. Gandhi may have developed a moral hyperconscious line, and so on. This might be a possible explanation why some individuals may seem so far advanced in certain areas that inspire us, yet have other traits that make them seem more common. Pollack may have developed a hyperconscious artistic line, but his moral line was significantly less inspiring.

Imagine the possibilities of a society whose education brought the most individuals through the First Tier developments to Second Tier unfoldments along the most lines manageable. Imagine what a Second Tier politics and economy could do to virtually eliminate war and hunger. These are problems First Tier consciousness, obsessed more with its own bodily survival, will never be able to accomplish. It is towards these possibilities that make hyperconscious attainment worth investigation and development. We work towards being the Creators of our own Creation in a fully self-actualized fashion as opposed to our simple self-aware fashion.


One And Many

At the superconscious level, there is no need for distinction between Manifest and Unmanifest, material and spiritual, or eternal and temporal. The ultimate paradox defies rational explanation, so we will not really try here other than to designate it as the ultimate in consciousness. Access to this type of knowing is very rare indeed, perhaps unattainable. But it is to which all aspires. Thus ends the "evolution" of Spirit or "ascending current". But, of course, it never really ends because the manifesting evolutionary side is always changing, always evolving.


Perceiver And Perceived.

The previous illustrations demonstrated the depth of the evolutionary proleptic urge current. As the proleptic urge moves into the semiconscious, however, the subsequent new providences gain the ability to perceive. This ability creates the effect of "flattening" the previous consciousness waves. This produces the "depth" of "me in here" and the separated "world out there". The first box represents biological life that differentiates its body as "self", from its prey, its predators, and its mates. The second box represents conscious humans integrating matter and life out there as opposed to the association of mind as "self". The third box represents hyperconscious individuals who have integrated matter, body and mind as "perceived", and now identify the "witness" as "self". Finally, the superconscious individual integrates the whole of being that is simultaneously One and Many, thereby obliterating the distinction between perceiver and perceived. There is simply "being".


Portrait Of An Orange/Green Deist

This illustration turns the conscious individual providence to see the msm. The depth of being is a cauldron of competing life views the individual has passed through with the scientific achiever and sensitive self dominating. All material and biological aspects of its being make up the flat disk area that orbits its locus of being. The person identifies primarily with their mind, and is a mental being. The person perceives itself as "having" a body and physical makeup, but it is more of a compartment the mind directs. Once this individual becomes hyperconscious, the cauldron of thought and emotion will move out into the perceived realm as the new cauldron will identify more as the witnessing self and integrate the mind with the body and matter.

In the next set of illustrations, we view various stages of the proleptic urge correlated against the various parameters of being (Ph - physics, Bi – biology, Ps – psychology, Th – theology). They could be alternately thought of as solar system providence, Earth’s providence, a value providence, and a mystical providence. The wider a particular providence’s msm is, the more sub-providences it can incorporate. Solar system providence can contain planetary providences, value providences, and being providences. But a planetary providence will never contain solar system providence; a value providence will never contain a planetary or solar system providence. A being providence (a line of development extended into the hyperconscious) will never contain a value, planetary, or solar system providence. A smaller providence does not exist independently of its larger providences. A value providence must have its biological and physical providences or it ceases to exist in the Manifest realm.

Conversely, only the smaller, deeper providences can perceive and understand the larger providences in any meaningful way. Similar providences can "recognize" each other. Because the preconscious has no discernable perception, the recognition is the same (they both react to the motion and form of the other). A being providence could therefore recognize other being providences while objectifying its psychological, biological, and physical properties. Its psychological properties interact with other psyches, its biological properties interact with other biological factors, and physical properties interact with other physical factors. This may be hard to understand, especially with the psychological aspect. But just as we don’t consciously think about how our body converts oxygen to carbon dioxide or consciously think about smelling an odor, a being providence will simply observe its own psychological interactions. The smaller a providence the more intention (or free-will) it has.



Time is a matter of perception; it is not an empirical quality. Explaining time has been one of the great mysteries of conscious existence. The two main qualities one wants to understand about time are: (1) the direction it "moves" and (2) the rate it "moves" at. Because time has no empirical element, but is rather considered a constant (along with space), forming a Deological theory of time is not an infringement into the realm of physics. Physics uses time (and space) to measure. What is presented her is a theory on why we perceive time the way we do.

The direction, or "arrow of time", is determined by the Primary Matrix. The Primary Matrix always spins in the same direction from its inception. Therefore, time always appears to march "forward". The Primary Matrix will always ensure gravity pulls, things grow, and psyches string together moments with a sense of "past" and "future". The sphere of influence "coats" the manifest proleptic urge to form a cone about that particular funnel.

This cone shape helps us to understand the various perceptions of time. Imagine there is a series of waves that correspond to each parameter of being. The numbers of bends in each wave per each parameter are of the same number. This means each parameter that is closer to the Omega must have less distance between each crest while the parameter nearest to the Alpha will have a great distance between crests. If these waves are set in motion, the crests that are close together will appear to move faster than the waves further apart. In fact, the waves at the bottom will barely appear to move at all while the point of the cone would not be able to discern the difference between "all time in the same moment" and "no time at all". A paradox, wouldn’t you say?

The illustration depicts the beige through the coral parameters of being wavelengths. As consciousness increases its complexity, time appears to rush along. Of course, the whole cone spins at a constant rate, but because we focus on a particular wavelength that corresponds to our parameter of being, time seems to bustle at the Orange level of a Madison Avenue, while it may seem to crawl along in a small Southern town entrenched in its agrarian Blue culture. When the hyperconscious is attained, many say time begins to lose its grip on your reality, or become superfluous. This effect is amply illustrated as the length between crests becomes less and less discernable. Thus is a Deological explanation for the perception and direction of time.


Using The General Model To Explain Other Theologies

One of the benefits of this model is not only defining and outlining the panendeistic Deology, but that it can also be used to demonstrate the general outline of other philosophies. I think one of the strengths for the panendeism is the overall flow of the model. It has complete continuity and avoids "band-aides" or closed possibilities. I will demonstrate some other theologies to provide a more comprehensible illustration.



The following is a general guideline that hits the major points. It is not an in-depth illustration or particular to any denomination.

Christian theology claims God created a paradise named Eden. The implication is that this Eden is Heaven on Earth. God himself is said to walk in the Garden. I have represented this Eden as a blue plane (the heavens) surrounding a green patch (Eden) where Omega is on the Deological model. He then creates Adam and Eve. Neither of them have the ability to "know good from evil". Adam is obsessed with naming all of the things in Eden, particularly the animals. Naming was a "magical" ability, because once you could name something you were thought to have a certain power over that something. This is where the superstition of not uttering certain names and knowing the "true names" of demons comes from. This is very much a Purple level of consciousness, and I have places a Purple circle inside the green field.

Unfortunately, for God, a serpent deceives Adam and Eve by eating fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. So, a Red level of consciousness emerged for Adam and Eve to disobey God, and then a Blue consciousness emerged allowing them to comprehend the "Truth Force" or knowledge of good and evil. Once this consciousness dawned on them, they were ashamed because they now knew they had done evil. Apparently, this Red (and now Purple and Beige) aspects of consciousness are no longer acceptable in Eden, so they are cast out. The realm of Adam and Eve now lies on a plane that is separated from Heaven. Now the problem is, how can Adam and Eve (and their posterity) bring Heaven back to Earth? Sensing their angst, God sends His laws by way of Moses. The most famous are the Ten Commandments, but there are hundreds of others. If one strictly adheres to these laws, they will get a nice "Blue" coating about them, and be worthy of Heaven.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to follow all of these laws. Elements of our Red, Purple, and Beige natures keeping bubbling up and ruining our Blue cover. So God devises a second plan. He sends his son, Jesus, to Earth to be used as an example of what a perfectly Blue individual is like and does. But God understands (this time) an example, whether written or made flesh, will still not be enough. His plan now involves Jesus offering his perfect Blueness as a blood sacrifice to create a type of conduit between Heaven and Earth. Now there are only two main rules: (1) You must first believe the conduit is real and, (2) you must ask for forgiveness for you past sins in the name of this conduit. If those two conditions are met, then when you die to your body, your Soul is endowed with Grace by the conduit, and you are made a perfect Blue being worthy of Heaven. If those conditions are not met, then each individual is judged on the merit of their own attempt to attain perfect Bluedom. Because, this is impossible due to our lower natures always being present and therefore always bubbling up, God has also created a depository for these less than "true Blue" Souls. Hell is there to put either a quick end or everlasting torture upon them for their mortal Red pride, Purple idolatry, or Beige instincts.

This process continues until Judgment Day, when all Souls (living or dead) are divided into Heaven or Hell. God then destroys Hell and establishes His glorious new kingdom on Earth.



There was another lesser known form of Christianity based on Gnosticism. Gnosis is "secret knowledge", and focused on a more mystical idea of Christ. Here is a brief overview:

The true God, or God of light, creates the Kosmos much as is described in the Deological model of First Cause. But once Spirit descends down to Alpha, it doesn’t just not recognize itself; it also retains its knowledge that it is a god of some sort. The Alpha god is called the Demiurge, or the God of darkness and shadow. The Demiurge, either does not know it was created by the true Omega god, or it is trying to wrest credit for creation from Omega. These dual opposites now create the material plane which is basically a world of shadows, or illusions. That which actually produces "life" are elements of Omega light, but the Demiurge create illusionary shells around these "life lights" that appeal to other shadow things. The purpose of Gnosticism, therefore, is to "remember" your true nature as a being of light, and disown your illusionary nature as a body of shadow.

To help accomplish this end, the Omega source sends down "beings of light" that have not forgotten their true nature and disguised themselves with a shadow form. Eventually, the Demiurge will find these intruders out and organize a search and destroy mission to eliminate them before too many life-lights remember their true nature. The Demiurge needs the life-lights, because he cannot create life on his own and would therefore lose his perception that he is the real god.

The problem with this view is that it is dualistic to the core. If we are to believe the God encompasses everything, then a certain Demiurge separated from him is contradictory (not unlike the problem with Satan and Hell in traditional Christianity). Of course, in Christian Gnosticism, Christ is one of the "beings of light" sent to teach us. The Demiurge is actually not Satan, but was rather considered to be the God in the Genesis story!


Classical Deism

Because most sects of Gnosticism were stamped out early in the development of Christianity, the literalist view dominated the Western scene. During the Age of Enlightenment, however, people began to study the "natural creation" and compare it to the theological rationalizations. This field became known as "natural religion" which of course eventually became science. Comparing observations in nature led to many contradictions with theology. This sparked a new movement in religious thought that became Deism.

Deism began to challenge many of the theological "truths" and believed them to be superstitions at best, lies at worst. The Deists claimed the only true miracle was the Creation itself, and that by fathoming the depths of the Creation, we assume a Creator. Thus, Deism’s search for God is ultimately a search towards the Alpha source. Because Alpha in unmanifest, there was no manifest discovery of God. This led the early Deists to conclude the God, possibly as Omega, created the universe up from the Alpha source. Once this was accomplished Omega exited the scene completely confident the Creation could sustain itself.

So the traditional Deism model included the depth of creation up to Orange consciousness, or Reason, in man. One was free to speculate on the possible nature of God and afterlife, but it ultimately could not be known on this realm. One therefore believes in God using the depth of Creation as the justification for a grand designer. But because the proleptic urge stops short of possible attainment of Omega, it offers no possible means of further investigation. In effect, it has broken the ascending current of Spirit and focused on the descending current.



Agnosticism then goes a step further by questioning whether an ascending current or a descending current of Spirit actually exist at all. In general, it does recognize there is a certain depth of being, but reserves most of that to our individual consciousnesses, dominated by Orange rationalizations. It then effectively "flattens" the perceivable universe as an object without depth. It does this based on the conclusion that Deism could find no manifest Alpha and has already acknowledged that Omega if not dead, has at least "left the building". So both entities might be there, they might not. Because it is impossible for me to know with any certainty, I will neither believe or disbelieve in either of them. While an honest answer, it virtually precludes any genuine attempt at discovering any Spiritual nature. If one neither believes or disbelieves anything, then it can be said that that "anything" simply isn’t considered. If it isn’t considered, then it is not pursued.



Atheism completes the flattening. Also known as "scientific materialism", the Orange individual rationalizes that nothing can be assumed about the nature of the universe, including the very depth of being that made that rationalization! Therefore, all the universe is simply bits of matter scurrying to and fro with no semblance of order or purpose. Where we think we may see such is actually just a mutation/adaptation that predisposes the brain to form patterns. Based on this theory, there is not even need for speculation on Spirit of any form. The universe simply is, and any perceived depth or design is purely chance, flat interactions, nothing more.


Rational Mysticism?

What Panendeism proposes is that we went in the wrong direction after embracing our Orange consciousness. Orange helped us to separate certain myths about God, but if we really want to attempt to move our belief in God through reason and nature to an understanding or knowledge of God, then we have to assume that maybe there are methods of knowing beyond Orange rationalizations. This does not mean a regression back towards earlier modes of consciousness; it means building on the previous modes towards a deeper understanding of consciousness. I believe this is accomplished by focusing our lines of development into the hyperconscious parameters of being. This realization is generically known as mysticism.

Ken Wilber denotes a difference between a "state of consciousness" and a "stage of consciousness". A state of consciousness is usually an event that lasts a certain amount of time although it can leave long-lasting effects, and may drive our intention to attain this state as a permanent stage of consciousness.

A stage of consciousness is a general mode of consciousness we maintain. Most First Tier consciousnesses as "waking consciousnesses". Our waking conscious is a stage of consciousness. If we move one or more lines of development into a hyperconsciousness, that hyperconsciousness now becomes a new stage for that particular individual. The more lines that move into the hyperconscious, the more likely the depth of our being is going to move there as well and become our "normal state of consciousness".

Let’s return to the First Cause illustration. The cube is divided up into four general levels of mysticism. Nature Mysticism corresponds to the physical and biological waves of the proleptic urge funnel. It is often described as a great feeling of connectivity to the universe. Psychic Mysticism corresponds to the psychological wave. Deity Mysticism corresponds to the hyperconscious wave, and Nondual or Formless Mysticism is first realized at contact with Omega, but eventually comes to know the whole process down to Alpha and then back up again to Omega.

If we now picture the proleptic urge funnel where the First Cause funnel is, we can describe an experience of a mystical state of consciousness as an event where the Nature Mysticism area "lights up" and interfaces with the physical and biological properties of the proleptic urge. Once such an experience occurs, the effect is long lasting even though the actual experience has ended. I have heard it described thus: Imagine you were in a cell with little light. In the opposite corner of the room is a coil. You believe it to be a snake and are quite frightened of it. Then one day, the lights "come on", and you see it is just a coil of rope. You are no longer afraid of the coil. Later, the lights go out again. But you are no longer afraid of the coil because you now have the knowledge that the coil is just a rope, and the dimmed lights to not change that knowledge.

Sometimes, a person has what they call a "peak experience". This may be different from just an altered state of consciousness or act in conjunction with it. A peak experience occurs when one or more of an individual’s lines of development suddenly spikes to Omega. A streak of "pure white" Omega is then introduced into the general cauldron at the gravity of being. After the initial infusion, the dominant colors at the individual’s center of being will begin to tint the white with its dominant color. Thus, a white infusion tinted by Red will produce an individual who may believe he is a god. A Blue tint may produce an individual who believes God talks and acts through him. An Orange tint may produce an individual who believes he is struck with genius. These spikes are rare, but not out of the question.


Death And Afterlife

There are three general ideas about what happens after you die: (1) You simply cease to exist, (2) your individual existence passes into a type of spiritual paradise, and (3) you endure some form of reincarnation. The beneficial thing about this model is that it can incorporate any of these options.


Cease To Exist

Once an individual dies, the individual’s providence stops rotating. The proleptic urge associated with this providence then begins to fall back to Alpha.


Spiritual Paradise

When the individual dies, the aspects of his/her associated providence meld back into their correlated mystical background. So, preconscious and subconscious dissipate into the Nature Mysticism realm, while the conscious aspects meld with the Psychic Mysticism realm. The individual then endures as an individual spiritual entity to that realm, forever eternal.



When an individual dies, the physical, biological, and psychological elements of his/her nature follow the scenario in the "Cease To Exist", but any elements of virtue and wisdom are catapulted "up" to the Omega source. Depending on the depth of wisdom and virtue attained, this aspect (we will call Soul) is confronted with the splendor of the Omega. If the depth is relatively low, the Soul will attempt to flee the Omega. If the Soul has enough depth to recognize Omega as itself, it can rest in the Oneness of that Omega source. The Soul that flees, however, escapes down the First Cause funnel until it reaches Alpha again and manifests as a new individual. Because wisdom and virtue only witness, they do not carry the memory of a previous life to their new incarnation which is what they now witness.


Near Death Experience

This phenomenon is often described as a tunnel towards a bright light. This description meshes very nicely with our funnel representation towards Omega. Because, for whatever reason, the individual has not died (or is resuscitated) the conscious of the individual is flooded with the path of the Soul towards Omega. When the individual comes around, the hyperconscious aspect returns to its manifestation. It is also interesting to note that in Tibetan Buddhism, that the stage of dying right before the "Clear Light" is the "Black Near Attainment". As one proceeds to the tip of the funnel, the perception of being would appear to close around them, bringing a type of "darkness". On the other side of this tip, however, is the bright clear light of the Omega source.