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Modern Deist Writings Section


"From Minister to Honest Doubter"   --  John Loftus --  2005

This book is the story of how a man, once a Christian Minister and apologist found his theology moving away from traditional Christianity, and embracing what he terms "Deistic Existentialism".  This is a description of the book, table of contents, and ordering information.  This book is not fully hosted in the DD library, but is worth the read. 


"Declaration of Deist Interdependence"   --   David Pyle  --  2003

Now, this is a work written in a more radical time of my Deism.  They say that imitation is the most sincere form of compliment, and as such I hope Thomas Jefferson realizes that I wrote this work in honor of his "Declaration of Independence"  It was written on July 4th of 2003.


"The Argument for Deism"   --   Some really cool guy named Steve

This is a great set of questions and answers on Deism...  It is a good place for those new to Deism to start. 


"Modern Age of Reason"  --  Thomas Paine (edited and translated by Steve Dowell)

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This is an easier to read translation of Thomas Paine's wonderful work on Deism "Age of Reason".  For those who are new to Deism, this is a great and easy place to start.


"Deist Differences"  --  J. Hardwick  --  September 2004

A look at differing schools of thought in Deism, and how they are complimentary, not conflicting. 


"Rene Descartes: Mind vs. Body"  --  collinschubbwoolston  --  November 2004

An essay on Descartes and the relationship between the mind and the body.


"Integral Panendeistic Model"  --  Travis Clementsmith  --  November 2004

This is an essay which describes Panendeism... specifically Integral Panendeism... and does so by creating an intellectual model of the Panendeistic concept of the Universe.  It is very thought provoking, but expect to read it a few times for it to really visualize for you!


"Deism and Revealed Religions"  --  J. Hardwick  --  November 2004

This essay is a comparative, side by side look at the inherent differences, similarities, and relationship between Deism and the "Revealed Religions"


"The Modern "Age of Reason" and the Evangelical Revival "  -- J. Hardwick  --  November 2004

This essay is a historical look at the relationship between Deism and Evangelicalism, and the connection between the two.