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A Quayle Theory Choice

When I wrote the Quayle Theory of Vice Presidential Selection several months ago, it was intended to be a tongue-in-cheek way of choosing a Vice Presidential candidate. The theory is that a Presidential nominee should choose someone who is so anathema to their most radical opposition that they would still rather have you as President than your running mate.

In other words, you choose someone your opposition despises even more than yourself as a kind of insurance against impeachment or attempts to harm you.

I intended the article as a bit of political satire. I did not in any way think that we would see a “Quayle Choice” in this election. Barrack Obama did not make a “Quayle Choice”, because his opposition is probably more comfortable with Joe Biden than they are with him.

However, I think John McCain has indeed made a choice for Vice President in line with the Quayle Theory of Vice Presidential Selection. He has chosen in Sarah Palin a woman who is an anti-abortion, anti-gay, amazingly inexperienced, creationist, non-foreign policy, anti-environment, pro-big oil conservative. In her acceptance speech, she implied that it was more important to American women that she was a woman than what she believed, something I not only do not think is true but seems to me vaguely insulting.

This choice will do three things. It will motivate the Republican base among Christian Conservatives. It will also motivate the Democratic base, to keep this individual as far away from the White House as possible. And, if McCain and Palin do win the election and the White House, then I predict that large numbers of liberals will be praying for John McCain’s better health on a daily basis. I know I will.

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3 Thoughts on “A Quayle Theory Choice

  1. Replace “vaguely insulting” with horrendously patronizing and you have it about right.

  2. You forgot to include Carl Roves descriptors… “gun-packin hockey playin woman”. Carl Rove played into the stereotype that successful women are viciously aggressive.

    And the choice also indicates how McCain views Vice Presidents. They are nothing more than election winning devices and are not to be used while in office. This was surely the case with Quayle and Agnew. Their role in office was purely garnish. And this view does go back quite a ways in history. And Cheney’s legacy as VP also is a bit questionable. Palin’s question of what a Vice President does is, while we all laughed during The Daily Show’s bit on it, is not a far flung question given the history of how Presidents have utilized this role.

    Obama’s choice reveals that Obama will be looking to Biden as an integral part of his team in Washington. Biden has expertise that will strengthen an Obama Presidency. Palin has, uhm, eh, endurance of cold weather which will be important when McCain gives her the cold shoulder in the White House on vital issues.

  3. I felt sick to my stomach when I saw the latest polls this morning. If there is a god that responds to prayers I hope “he’s” listening to mine right now…

    Please don’t let this woman anywhere near the oval office.

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