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Unitarian Universalist Peace Ministry Network

The Congregational Study Action Issue Core Team on Peacemaking has unveiled a new website, designed to provide communication and connection for Unitarian Universalists as we move forward in our work to create a more peaceful world. The website (http://uupeacemakers.org/) founds the Unitarian Universalist Peace Ministry Network, and I encourage all of those who visit Celestial Lands to bookmark it, become a member, and visit the site often.

It not only brings together news and resources on peacemaking into one place, but also has a discussion forum for communication. It will also, as we move forward, help UU’s to connect to events on Peacemaking, and provide opinion polls and allow your voice to reach Associational leaders on the issue of Peacemaking.

As the UUA Commission on Social Witness prepares to release the draft Statement of Conscience on Peacemaking within the next month for consideration by our congregations, there could not be a better time to get involved in the conversation and work of our faith in peacemaking. Joining the UU Peace Ministry Network is one way you can be involved in that work and conversation.

I want to thank the CSAI core team for all the work to make this happen, and specifically for the site’s web-weaver, John Schaibly.

Remember, the site is still under development, so now is a good time to join and help the site become a center for peacemaking for our faith.

Yours in faith,


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