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Quiet for Sesshin…

Celestial Lands will go quiet for the next week, as I am leaving this afternoon for a week-long Sesshin at the Empty Sound Zen Temple in Oak Park, IL.  This is my wife’s Christmas present to me, and I have been looking forward to it for some time. 

A week of limited talking for me… not sure I will survive.

During that time there will be no posts to Celestial Lands, nor will I be able to approve any comments.  My server seems to be doing well, but if it goes down I will not have any way to bring it back up, as I will not have access to internet (for obvious reasons).

I have been part of a two day sesshin before, but this will be my first week long meditation retreat.  I will write to you all of the expeirence when I return…

Yours in Faith,


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