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Courageous Colleague

I don’t usually point others to another blog and say “Read this one when it posts something new!” After some deliberation, and a decision to not let my own fears of guilt by association stop me, I am going to point you all to the new blog “Calling Ministers“. It is a blog by a newly fellowshipped minister that hopes to open a discussion about our process of forming, selecting, and granting fellowship to ministers of our tradition.

It is not “safe”, or at least it does not feel safe, for me as a UU seminarian to share the feelings that occur whenever someone mentions the initials MFC (Ministerial Fellowship Committee). There has been nothing in my process that points to any overt problems in my ministerial formation, and I have never been one to let fear stop me… but I feel that fear whenever I think of the interview. My ministerial mentors tell me not to… but then I hear horror stories from my fellow students… and I worry.

I do not know if there is another way to form the relationship that Candidates for our ministry have with that particular committee. I know from speaking with many on the committee that they wish that there was a way to have a more co-creative relationship with the Candidates who come to see them.

All I know is that 4-5 years of my life and more money than I made as an Army Sergeant in three years is focused on a 90 minute interview before a group of people I have never met before to share with them the depths of my call to and preparation for ministry. I am not usually an anxious person… but I am about this. And for me, it is still over a year away.

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