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GOP in Search of Leadership?

I have been following with a gleam and an avid eye the quest for leadership for the Republican Jonathan KrohnParty… and I have found my choice. The party need not look any further than Jonathan Krohn, a 13 year old conservative from Atlanta. Boy’s got mad skills.

Krohn spoke this week at the Conservative Political Action Conference being held in Washington DC. The week has not been good to the GOP, with a Republican Senator threatening to resign and give Democrats a filibuster proof Senate, with Democrats stepping up efforts to define Rush Limbaugh as the head of the GOP, and with a roundly criticized response to President Obama’s speech before Congress by a Republican Governor, the GOP seems to be looking for someone to lead them out of the morass.

They might turn to Michael Steel, the newly elected African American Chair of the Republican Party, but I think I have found a better candidate.

They might turn to Newt Gingrich, the former Speaker of the house who seems to have hung around Washington DC as a talking head looking for just such a vacuum of leadership, but I think I have a better candidate.

They might turn to Dr. James Dobson, who just resigned as the head of Focus on the Family, though a scarier prospect for the future of this country is hard to imagine, but I think I have a better candidate.

They might turn to Sarah Palin, who is probably the shrewdest politician the party has left, but I think I have a better candidate.

My candidate for the leadership of the Grand Old Republican Party is Jonathan Krohn. Give the kid a try! At least he understands what it means to be a conservative… he wrote the book on it. He has a rhetorical style unmatched in the party, he is (now) connected to the party leadership, and he is not daunted at all that all the trends are leaning towards increasing Democratic majorities. He’s the first person I have heard in a long time present the Conservative Platform as anything other than the “Party of NO!”

Now, admittedly, I’m no longer a conservative, and I’m no longer a registered Republican. I’m not a registered Democrat either, but mostly because the Democrats are too centrist for my taste. But as I have watched the Republican Party floundering for lack of coherent, principled leadership since November, I have begun to feel sorry for them. Everyone should have someone of vision to follow… and for the GOP it should be this 13 year old boy from Atlanta.

Besides, he can use his leadership of Modern Conservativism as his final project for a Civics/Social Studies class. That would be useful!

Click here to see his speech!

Yours in Faith,
And really with kudos to Jonathan for being an outstanding young man, all humor aside,


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