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Evangelicals are Praying for Me!

I can rest easier in this world knowing that each and every night, and perhaps even in the morning, there are Evangelicals associated with Liberty University praying for me. Why? Because I am a Liberal. I am not only a liberal, I am a flaming, NPR loving, socialized medicine supporting, political and religious liberal who dares to even serve in the military so perhaps I can inspire others to liberalism. I am so liberal I even refuse to be associated with the “Progressive Movement” because it is not liberal enough for me.

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Almost as if they got the idea from an episode of West Wing, there is a website that is calling on Evangelicals and Conservative Christians to “Adopt-A-Liberal”. On the website are listed a few “Liberals” desperately in need of prayer, including President Barack Obama, Secretary Hillary Clinton, and even Congressman Barney Frank. But at the bottom of the list is one last profile to be prayed for… the “Unknown Liberal”.

Hey, That’s Me! They are praying for me! There is even an email where people can suggest Liberals to be prayed for… so if any of you out there want to suggest me… (hint). I’d suggest myself… but I thought that might be greedy.

So, let’s see… I’ve written and preached about what it means to be “A Liberal Patriot”. I have been public about my assertion that, for his time, Jesus of Nazareth was a Liberal, and those of us who follow in his footsteps are called to be Liberals too. My Liberal Christian faith is the inspiration for my Liberal political thought, writings, and stances.

I have had the feeling for awhile that some of the Evangelicals and Conservative Christians who know me were praying for me. A few have even used that “threat” of prayer as if it were a weapon… but I trust God more than whatever intentions they might have for the prayer. Let them pray for me, for whatever reason they might want. I’m strong enough in my faith to just be happy for the prayer.

And I will pray for all of you as well.

Yours in Faith,



I began thinking that perhaps my pointed hints were not enough… that perhaps I needed to make it easier for people to suggest that I be added to the “Adopt-A-Liberal” program. Perhaps someone out there did not think I was serious, considering the general hilarity of this whole idea. So, I decided to make it as easy as possible by creating a form letter that could be modified as you see fit and sent to the address given for suggestions for the Adopt-A-Liberal program… liberty@LC.org .

Dear Adopt-A-Liberal,

I would like to suggest that you add David Pyle to your listing of proposed liberals in need of prayer by Christians associated with Liberty University. Though he is not a political leader, by including him and others you would show that liberalism is not just a fancy of political elites, but a movement that touches on all aspects of American Society and Culture.

David grew up Southern Baptist and Pentecostal, and moved away from conservative faith due to experiences in the world while serving as a U.S. Army soldier in Latin America and in Bosnia-y-Herzegovina. He came to Liberalism through a religious faith that seeks meaning in principles of interdependence and the inherent worth of all, known as Unitarian Universalism.

David is a Liberal Christian who believes that, for his time Jesus was a Liberal too. He is currently a Candidate for the Unitarian Universalist Ministry. After fellowship and ordination, he has stated that he hopes to represent religious liberalism as a military chaplain, promoting understanding and tolerance and defending the religious freedom of U.S. Service members serving around the world.

He is exactly the kind of Liberal you all need to be praying for.

David has himself requested that he be added to your Adopt-A-Liberal program, claiming that no matter what your https://www.designwisemedical.org/accutane-isotretinoin/ intention in asking for such prayer, he trusts God to transform that intention into something worthwhile.

You can read more about David’s Liberalism, and his request to be added to your “Adopt-A-Liberal” program at http://celestiallands.org/wayside/?p=218 . You can learn more about David himself at http://celestiallands.org/wayside/?page_id=2 or by simply perusing the many articles of Religious and Christian Liberalism (as well as Unitarian Universalism) at www.celestiallands.org.

Thank you so much for this unique and interesting service, and for providing such an outlet for frustrated conservatives, allowing them to offer their prayers to God, so that God can transform such intentions into something useful.

((Your Name Here))

P.S. Perhaps you could also add Jesus of Nazareth among the Liberals in need of prayer… just a thought.

6 Thoughts on “Evangelicals are Praying for Me!

  1. Patrick McLaughlin on Friday October 2, 2009 at 22:39 +0000 said:

    Yea though I walk through the valley of death, I will fear no prayer…

    It *is* an odd feeling to have someone offer or promise to pray for you in an hostile and aggressive manner, isn’t it?

    You go, David! You’re certainly en route to getting un-Unknown.

  2. Oh, and I just thought of this… if you do send them an email, make sure it is on an account with a good junk mail filter….

    Patrick, I’m going to use that!

    Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no prayer…


    Yours in Faith,


  3. I am SURE they will choose you, heck you are right up their ally. Let us know if their prayer “works” – and by works does that mean turning you into a conservative?

  4. Christian Scientists are advised not to pray for others without their knowledge and consent, emergency situations being an exception. The rationale is that praying for others who might not appreciate your prayers violates the Golden Rule. What the Liberty University group is doing is trying to impose their will upon others.

  5. Not just upon others, Nathan…

    They are trying to impose their will on God.

    Such is why I feel free to have a little fun with them…

    Nice to see you!

    Yours in Faith,


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