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“The Unclouded Mirror” by James Freeman Clarke

“I BELIEVE Jesus to have been Son of God, and divine, because filled full of the divine truth and love, and always abiding therein. He alone, of the sons of men, was always resting on the infinite love. He has sent the same spirit into the world, and enabled all to say, ” Our Father.” His divinity did not consist in any metaphysical deity of person, but in living in constant communion with God, so as to be a perpetual manifestation of the divine truth and love. He is the unclouded mirror which reflects into the world the glory and beauty of the Almighty. Therefore, we all, beholding, as in a glass, the glory of God, are changed into the same image from glory to greater glory. Christ’s divinity consists in being the image of the unseen God,— of God manifest in a man. God is manifest in nature. He is also manifest in providence, in history, in the intuitions of the soul. But in Jesus God speaks to us through human lips and a human life, and so, by our brother man, brings us to himself.”

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