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“Spiritual Discovery Tree” by Aaron Semrow

The seed of my “spiritual discovery tree” was planted a long time ago. The soil was barren however and the tree didn’t do very well and almost died. Then I discovered Deism and the tree took root and grew vigorously. Reason acted as warm sunlight for the leaves and branches of the fledgling tree, experience as fertilizer for the soil, and observation of nature as water to quench the tree’s thirsty roots.

As my spiritual discovery tree grew, it’s branches became more and more numerous. They spread their way out further and further. As this happened, and continues to happen, I have discovered that my tree is just as far from the single “spiritual truth” as it ever was. It is however much larger, and healthier. It now provides me with shade from the hot summer sun of everyday life. It provides me with fruit when I’m hungry for spiritual knowledge. And when I want to climb up to one of it’s higher branches, it offers me a vantage point over the greater reality.

Yes, this tree may not ever be able to provide me with the one “spiritual truth” that I started out looking for, but as it grows it’s allowed me to get closer to it… and that’s all that really matters.

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