Celestial Lands The Religious Crossroads of Politics, Power, and Theology

Gary Smith

“We need each other, more than emotionally, more than psychologically, more than socially. We need each other spiritually, which has to do with the divine flame within each of us; with our spiritual mentors in Transylvania who had to fight for our faith, not in the time of the Council of Nicea, not in the Middle Ages, not at the time of the Reformation, but in our own time, in our own generation. Even if they lost everything to wars and dictatorships, but they kept their faith. They had the courage to stand up for something, to live a life far simpler than ours materially but richer in the spirit, a shared faith. We have spiritual cousins to die for. We must not neglect nor forget them. We are the better for them.” — Rev. Gary Smith

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