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“Each Person as a Teacher, Each Person as a Learner” by Nancy Shaffer

“In our tradition we understand each person as a teacher, each person as a learner, all life long. We believe that what we know about what is good and true can deepen for as long as we live – and that it is both a gift and a responsibility to stay open to this changing. We also take the stance that everything we do as a faith community is food and substance for religious learning – not only our worship together and not only particular study of books or history or participation in social justice events, but how we are with each other as we engage these. Ours is an active faith, one that asks commitment to examining our lives and beliefs, for the purpose of finding that which is life-giving, so that store of good in the world is increased. We invite you to join us in this joy and changing.”  — Rev. Nancy Shaffer

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