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One Thought on “The Moral Burden of the Unitarian Universalist

  1. Hi, David
    Our Humanist discussion group’s recent conversation on morality led us into some interesting places regarding the origins of moral behavior. Most likely all morals are cultural adaptations of specific emotional reactions hard-wired into our genes. That makes things to simplistic, but i want to get to the next point. Joshua Greene is an experimental philosopher, he tests his philosophical propositions. In the course of his work (fMRIs) he found two separate places in the brain activated when the subject was faced with a moral dilemma. The first activated, he termed, moral intuition. The second to be activated, he termed, moral reasoning.
    When you say “moral burden” it implies a reasoning process and as far as i am concerned a UU must bear sole responisbility for discernment of what constitues reason for that burden. The orthodox theist has an expressed divine code and, in most cases, an official to instruct and urge adherence to that code.We will not agree in the elements that make up the burden, nor in how we are to react, or to bear, the burden, but i firmly believe that UUs do recognize their responsibility. This spills over into citizenship and our place as individuals in the metanarratives of history.

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