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We light our chalice flame to start our worship period

We light our chalice flame to start our worship period. The light of the flame represents our unending search for truth; the heat of the flame represents the warmth of love; the beauty of the lighted chalice represents our religious quest to bring the best into our lives and our world.

Just as the chalice candle/oil is consumed in its work of producing its light and heat, so too we will only be able to bring truth and love and beauty into our lives and into our world by transforming our beings into sacred flames—a sacrifice of self that is fed by the spirit of God acting through our lives and our relationships.

May our sharings and reflections today help to make our inner lights burn more brightly, bringing the light of justice to our darkened world.

—John Clifford
from the ICUU and the British General Assembly of Unitarian and Free Christian Churches

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