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One Thought on “Sermon: What Happened to Decoration Day?

  1. Donald Wilton on Sunday May 30, 2010 at 15:56 +0000 said:

    Yours is a sane voice calling out for the reason that we honor the dead on Memorial day. Too many of the people who fear the coming America in which the white privilege is lost due to changing demographics carry weapons demanding to return to an America that is lost. They refuse to understand the cost of war, or the lives lost to maintain our society. I think that they see the society that is now fading and they want to pretend that the wars were fought to produce what they would prefer, rather than the actuality of support for the Constitution, and the freedoms that are leading us to a society that has white people in the minority.

    Thus we have politicians willing to lay wreaths but not pay full support for veterans benefits. We have people carrying signs that attempt to frighten us with the bravado about what they’ll fight for. We have all the signs that we go through the motions but none of the truth of the damage that war does to us. We are heading slowly to an America based on the freedoms granted with all of the benefits that they confer, and for awhile we will have the problems of people who refuse to associate the fact of those freedoms with the change itself. Either our faith is the kind that makes you strong for the changes, and the end result, or we refuse to remember the sacrifices that we have made and are still making.

    I would prefer to see the sign carrying people honor the commitment and sacrifice of the past by welcoming the changes that they are afraid of, but that might take our faith rather than the conservative.

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