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2 Thoughts on “Some Political Musings on the Non-engaged Democratic Party

  1. Easy….Obama, Rahm, David, and Valerie never had too deal with any Conservatives in the City, much less Springfield. They really don’t know or understand a good deal of the country outside the Chicago Regular Democratic Machine….

  2. I agree David. Another puzzler is how Mr. Fired Up – Ready to Go! (Obama at election rallies) has become the Worse Communicator. No emotion, hardly any press conferences, a speech here and there. He uses the bully pulpit like is a 98-pound weakling. btw, I enjoy your political posts, how do you get in trouble, every one has a right to express themselves and the blog is certainly an appropriate forum.

    Bill, there’s an easy answer for everything, and it’s wrong. Without accepting the relevance of 3 high ranking advisers all being from Chicago (I know it’s personal), I would like to point out another adviser who has a low profile, Pete Rouse. Look him up.

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