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Mr Cornet Wales

In a time in which the leaders of nations ask their countries to send sons and daughters to war, it is so often the case that the sons and daughters of those leaders are insulated from that service.

He had every reason not to go. Third in line to the British throne, he has to be the largest terrorist target to ever stray into the sights of an enemy combatant. He was ordered not to go. His unit went without him. He went to his grandmother, the queen, and told her that if he was not allowed to go with his unit, he would resign his commission in the British Army.

He served for two months before anyone noticed he was gone. I’m certain that there have been some doubletakes, as fellow soldiers looked up to see a very junior officer with the last name of “Wales”… a face that has graced tabloids for many years because of parties and women. It reminded me of a line from my favorite Shakespeare play… Henry V:

And, be assured, you’ll find a difference,
As we his subjects have in wonder found,
Between the promise of his greener days
And these he masters now:

I have no doubt that, now that the story has broken, Mr Cornet Wales, Prince Harry, is or will soon be on a flight somewhere other than where the camera crew filmed him. Now that it is known he is there, they cannot allow him out on patrol, or calling in fire… as much for the safety of his fellow soldiers as his own.

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I also have no doubt that my own political views and those of Mr. Cornet Wales are quite different. I have no doubt that we could have a wonderful discussion about our involvement in Afghanistan. But all of that aside, he chose, he fought for the right to serve with his fellows, when every reason in the world was given for him not to. And for that, though we are both the same rank, the lowest rank of commissioned officer in our respective allied Armies… I salute you, Mr. Cornet Wales, with a loud and thunderous “AIRBORNE!”

Yours in Faith,



2 Thoughts on “Mr Cornet Wales

  1. David,
    Do you think it was immoral for the Druge report to out Prince Harry? I do.
    We didn’t need to know. It was not pressing business. And if the British system requires military service or Prince Harry wanted to go, why should someone but in and publish this information. At least he went to fight–unlike many of our leaders. Any comments, thoughts, something deeper than my quick indignation?
    Thanks, Carol

  2. Carol,

    I understand your concern, and I understand your thought… but I’m not certain that morality comes into it. Journalistic ethics? Maybe. Class? Certainly.

    If Prince Harry (aka Cornet Wales) had not been born to the public life that he has, but had instead chosen that life, then I would probably not even question Drudge on it. Even as it is, he and his brother have accepted the benefits of such a publically led life, and with those benefits come responsibility and cost. Having someone like Matt Drudge “out” where you are and what you are doing is a cost of that publically led life.

    Now, we can wish over and over that Matt Drudge would show some class, but lack of class is not necessarily immoral. The BBC certainly did show that class, as they filmed an interview with the Prince before he left and kept it in the vault until the story came out. The BBC knew he was in Afghanistan, and they showed the class to hold the story.

    Some of us accept the burden of publicly led lives in order to have the benefits of such lives. The British Royals have influence in their country far beyond what they could ever have simply as wealthy members of society… and with that influence comes a cost. Ministers do something similar, even if at a much lower level than the British Royals.

    It is a cost I am afraid Barrack Obama is only now really learning.

    Yours in faith,


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