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4 Thoughts on “The Feeling of Abandoning the Field

  1. Hi David,
    It has been very intense here on the political field. I was just in Benton Harbor protesting today. Let me just say it’s been great to have you with us for this part of our journey. It’s natural that your path is taking you on. And we need allies in other states to care about Michigan and understand that what’s happening here is undermining democracy everywhere, and that this isn’t just about Michigan. So move on, and carry the fight with you. Help California to care about Michigan.

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  3. Margot Haynes on Thursday May 5, 2011 at 11:01 +0000 said:

    Rev. Pyle–There are many fronts and many struggles–you can’t be there for all of them. Your public witness as chaplain, minister, and reservist as well as great blogger is appreciated, wherever you may be serving geographically. Margot

  4. I understand that feeling. I have no real military background. Some close family ties, but not close enough that I’ve been on a base more than a few times. But, I understand. I think it’s similar almost to a maternal feeling of guilt over feeling like she is abandoning her child, if she resorts to tough love. And, part of the reason I understand this feeling is because I’ve given some thought to literally abandoning the field, myself, and getting outta Dodge. I love Michigan. Yet…I’m finding less and less to keep me here. :-/

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