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A Picture for my Absense…

It has been a week since I have written anything for the blog, not for lack of material but for lack of time.   I know there have been times when I have come out of my spiritual practice of Zazen because of that lack of time… this appears to have been a week where I have come out of my spiritual practice of writing.  I am working on an essay taking a look at UU Church Social Action Committees, another on how and why we set behavioral boundaries in a UU church, and even one relating to the upcoming (should I say impending?) visit of my mother for the first time since we moved to Chicago… 

I even thought about writing this morning about the irony of my building manager having three trees around my apartment cut down on Earth Day… 

 But while I am working on all of that, I thought I would share a picture that came up from the depths of a closet I was cleaning yesterday (I did mention an impending visit from my mother;)  ).   This picture of me was taken in 2001, right before I moved to Texas.  In fact, when I left the studio where this picture was taken, I went right to a barber shop and had my long, wonderful, Fabio like hair cut off.  I had that hair for three years.  My last haircut (other than dead ends… I am confortable enough with my manhood to go to real salons and have them pamper me) had been in 1997, when I came home from Bosnia. 

Anyway, for those of you who know me, but have not seen this picture, I thought you might enjoy the laugh.  For those of you who only know me through this blog… here is my “street cred proof” that though I may look like an Eagle Scout now, I was once the long haired hippy…  Usually up in a pony-tail… but down when I was trying to look “pretty”…  🙂

Yours in Faith,


2 Thoughts on “A Picture for my Absense…

  1. Justine Urbikas on Thursday April 24, 2008 at 9:01 +0000 said:

    weren’t we just talking about your long hair days? haha.

    sucks about the trees getting cut down… didn’t part of you want to go chain yourself to them like a good hippy?

  2. David: I think we all had our long hair days… I did. I knew my hair was thinning on top and I told my friends to let me know if it started to look really really bad. Every year on my birthday they would take a photo of the top of my head but never said a word. Finally, I realized they were telling me… several years later… and I buzzed it all off… sometimes I can be a little dense… 😉

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