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4 Thoughts on “The Role of Faith for the Military Chaplain

  1. David:
    Thanks for some good, salient points. I’ve got a few thoughts I’d like to share, but will take a couple of days to put them together. After all, taking care of soldiers is what it’s all about, and it’s a team effort to do it.

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  3. I guess I always assumed there was some additional training for chaplains beyond what they receive in seminary. I agree that the kind of ministry they’re required to practice in the military is different from the kind of ministry parish ministers are prepared for. Maybe there needs to be a different version of CPE for potential chaplains. Oh, and I also like your “I preach the gospel of interdependence and inherent worth” summation of Unitarian Universalist beliefs. Succinct and to the point. Thanks for this post, David.

  4. Thanks so much for your post. I was struck by your description of how your faith informs your chaplaincy and how similar this is to how my faith informs my work with clients as a therapist. For me, as for you, faith provides “the inner strength I need to be with people in the best and the worst moments of their lives”. But what’s in the foreground is always the client’s goals and, if they want to go there, how their own faith belief can support them in healing. Thanks so much for helping me clarify my own thoughts.
    K’Ailsa Rowan

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