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2 Thoughts on “In The Tradition of Jesus

  1. David: Thank you for this. In my spiritual journey, I am finding that I am coming full circle. When I was excommunicated (strong word I know but that is how it felt) from my charismatic community for coming out as gay, I questioned everything about my christianity and in the process felt I could no longer wear that label. I did not fit the norm definition of being a christian and therefore chose not to place that label on me. I explored what I did believe, what is my theology, and came up with a label that seemed to fit my experiences in the charismatic community, pre and post that era: metaphysical mystic. This label works up to a point. I find that what nourishes me and enables me to preach from the pulpit are buddhism and christianity. My buddhist practice of zazen however is about as deep as my big toe in a puddle of water so I cannot claim buddhism as spiritual practice. But it is christianity that captures me. Not the trappings of dogma, not the rituals of confession or the eucharist, not the holy days; these things have no hold on me in how I think about the world but it is the message of Jesus that keeps drawing me in.

    Paul of Tarsus wrote that he preaches Christ Jesus, who died and was resurrected. I find no use in this Christ Jesus. But to preach in the tradition of Jesus– ah… that is a Jesus I find myself drawn to learn from. This Jesus I can sit at his feet like Mary did and absorb all that I can and then go back out into the world, sift through what I see and preach about these things that touch humanities core of potentialities.

    So again, Thank you for sharing your wisdom and helping me to reclaim and integrate more of my past into my present. Blessings abound, Fred

  2. David, an excellent distinction. Thanks for making it!

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