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Resources for Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day

Every year, I receive requests from ministers and worship associate teams from across the United States, and sometimes across religious denominations, asking if I will help them to plan a Memorial Day or a Vetebanner hanging 005ran’s Day worship service in their congregations.  Now, obviously I cannot directly aid all these various congregations in planning their worship directly (although many certainly ask me to try), but what I have done in the past is provide them links to some of my public writings on such issues, and to respond to direct questions they might have.

This year, instead of sending the same email over and over, I decided to put the links I usually send on a webpage, so that I can just direct buy imitrex without prescription worship teams and ministers to this page.  If you have questions, you can reply to this message and I will do my best to respond.

Here are some of my sermons and writings around Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day:


They Just Fade Away: Veteran’s Day

The Soldier and the Preacher: Memorial Day

Silent Tears: The Faith of Memorial Day

Embedded War

Decoration Day

Beyond Military Borders

On Behalf of a Grateful Nation


Soldiers and War Memorials

It’s Time we Studied War

About the UU Worship Service at the Great Lakes Naval Station

Memorials in the Rain

War Changes Us All

How Can You Come Home When You Are Homeless?

Generations of Veterans

How to Listen to Me, A Veteran

My Reticence to Support UU Congregational Outreach to Veterans

Heroic Repression

In Uniform at General Assembly

Yours in faith,

Rev. David


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