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Blogging Best Practices

I would like to thank Shelby Meyerhoff and the UUA Blogging Resources Project for the effort to put together a survey and report on “best practices” in Unitarian Universalist Blogging. It was an honor to be asked to participate in the survey behind the report. It was also useful for me to do so, because it required I give conscious thought to why I keep this blog. Participating in the survey helped me to see how writing is a part of my spiritual practice, and how the blog itself has become part of my sermon writing process.

While the report itself (pdf, 12 pages) is based around the survey, Shelby distilled from it a one page guide for those considering putting together a UU Blog of their own. Don’t think it is just for beginners though… I found several good ideas for my own blogging in both the report and in the Tips for Beginners… Ah, blogging beginner’s mind…

I want to thank the UUA for the interest and support… and Shelby for all her hard work on this, and in writing the weekly Interdependent Web article for UU World.

Yours in Faith,


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  1. Thanks for linking to this! That was an interesting read.

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