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Celestial Lands Library

The Celestial Lands Library is an online collection of open source works, brought together from many different sources, and placed here for any who wish to read and enjoy. The collection is based in Liberal Religious Thought, but not exclusive to it. It includes works from Unitarian, Universalist, Deist, Buddhist, Rationalist, Taoist, and many different perspectives. Other than some old sermons, these works are not authored by David Pyle, only collected here by him. All of these works are either old enough to be considered open source, or here at the express permission of the author. Works are presented in both HTML and also in Microsoft Reader format, for their ease of use. They are divided into categories for ease of searching. We will soon have a dedicated search utility, both for the site and for the library. Please enjoy these works responsibly, and share them liberally!

One Thought on “Celestial Lands Library

  1. Brent Dawson on Tuesday July 29, 2008 at 16:33 +0000 said:

    I first learned of Deism back in 1978 no other religion made any sence to me
    there wasn’t very much info on Deism so i went away from all religions and believed in nature only. I got a computer two years ago and found Deism and
    started looking into it more and you know Deism is the way my heart told me to
    believed and its almost the way I believe in with my idea of the way I viewed my inner self with nature.

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