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Excerpt from “The Method is the Message” by Angus MacLean

The liberal is beginning to discover that she is more in tune with natural processes than are her maligners. The liberal has been accused of not knowing where he stood, or of walking precariously and uncertainly in the middle of the road with Christian orthodoxy on his right and communism Read more →

The Method is the Message — Sermon by the Rev. David Pyle

  Last preached October 28th, 2012   One of the most common questions that my chaplain colleagues, both civilian and military, ask me about Unitarian Universalism is how in the world we all stay together in one church, one faith, one religious tradition when we all “believe such different things”. Read more →

Books for a UU RE Class on Theology in Science Fiction?

There has been wonderful response, (on the blog, in person, and through email) to my post on Theology in Science Fiction, and so I have a challenge for you.  If I were to teach a class on Theology in Science Fiction, what books do you think should be in the Read more →