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Yzma – Palin

I wanted to share with you all my wife’s nickname for Governor Palin.  Though I put the pictures up here, it is not looks that have inspired this nickname.  Rather, it is the character’s “tag-line” that has inspired this “nom de guerre” for my wife, and it makes me laugh every time she uses it.  She gave me permission to share. 

Sandy and I love Disney movies.  Those who know us know we really love the Lilo and Stitch movies.  But one of our other favorites is “The Emperor’s New Groove”.  In it, there is a character named “Yzma”, who is the Emperor’s senior advisor.  Yzma tries to poison the Emperor Kuzco, but she accidently uses the wrong potion, and instead of killing him, she turns him into a llama… thus sending the Emperor on a journey to find friendship and just a little humility. 

When any character tries to describe Yzma to anyone, the catchphrase that is used is “Scary Beyond All Reason”. 

Sandy has decided that this phrase, Scary Beyond All Reason, is how she feels about Governor Palin… and so as a shorthand she just refers to her as Yzma… and it makes me belly laugh every time she does it…  And you all can see just a little of why I love my wife.

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3 Thoughts on “Yzma – Palin

  1. Being an English major, I tend to look to literature for my cues. About a century ago, George Bernard Shaw wrote a play “Pygmalian,” which eventually became the musical “My Fair Lady”

    The story of both the play and the musical has Professor Henry Higgins picking up Liza Doolittle, a flower girl, and training her, through the use of “proper” language, to pass herself off as a fine lady.

    The Republicans picked up Sarah Palin and are trying to pass her off as a Vice-Presidential candidate.

  2. Oh, now that’s an insult to Eliza Doolittle, who is at least somewhat endearing. Palin is a mini-Cheney.

  3. The McCain campaign has basically positioned her as running for the role of “Spokesmodel In-Chief”. I think she’s going to want to have more of a say in things if they actually make it into office however and McCain may actually give her what she wants. I find that thought really scary.

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