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The Child Within

As I was flipping through websites, I saw that Peacebang had put some wonderful childhood pictures of another minister up, as a reminder of the real human being underneath clerical garb… and I thought it a wonderful idea.  Not just for others to see, but to remind each of us ministers on a regular basis that, with all the people telling us how wonderful a sermon might be or how much a pastoral counseling session might mean to them… somewhere within each of us is the child that got grounded, dressed in funny outfits, and pretended to be a rock-star on the back porch. 

And so… a few pictures of the bane of my parent’s existence… me as a child. 


Just exactly how long have I been wearing a uniform? 


I challenge anyone else out there to find a more embarrasing photo than this one… Growing up in Hawaii this seemed normal…  I still love the hula though. 

When you are born on St. Patrick’s Day, your birthday cake will always be green.  Deal with it. 

 Though I thought I was so old and mature… I was really, really young… this picture was taken the night before I graduated from U.S. Army Basic Training.  Note my great big belt buckle… 

Yours in Faith,


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