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“A Veteran’s Prayer in Time of War” by the Rev. Marie E. deYoung

On this somber day, Spirit of Life, Teach us how to honor our veterans of war. Teach us how to care for those who bear arms to protect our lives. Teach us how to reverence those who sacrifice their dreams to secure freedom for unknown peoples. Teach us how to comfort those who lost spouses, children, lovers, friends – when their sense of duty wrought eternal grief. Teach us to understand when peace-loving people take up arms – Hoping beyond hope to end violent strife. War is never holy, yet the holy are called to do war’s bidding. On this holy day, Spirit of Life, Teach us how to stop war even after it takes on a life of its own. Teach us how live the purpose of Armistice Day, Veteran’s Day: Teach us how to make this war the last, the war to end all wars.

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