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UU’s Element on the Periodic Table

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Apparently, scientists have created a new element, numbering 117 on the periodic table. While they are attempting to re-create the element in another lab, it has been given the name “Ununseptium”, with the symbol on the periodic table of “Uus”. That’s right, there is now an element currently named after our Liberal Religious faith, we “UU’s”.

When the element is recreated, someone will get the opportunity of a lifetime… the opportunity to rename the element… unless we unite and begin a movement to stop them! I personally think we should do all we can to keep an element named after the sometimes unfortunate initials for our faith (and the endless puns that accompany them).

Let us protect this element that has come under our protection from unwarranted renaming! Only six atoms of it so far even exist, so it certainly cannot yet stand up for itself. They are a minority among all the atoms, and they need an advocate. We should be that advocate, by the affinity of our common acronym.

I urge you to write your local University Physics Department and ask them to refrain from participating in a wanton renaming of this poor, defenseless, minority element. We UU’s must stand up for Uus.

Yours in Faith,


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  1. cool, i just want a modern periodic table

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