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God is the River

I almost never just post a video, but I was inspired this moring by my friend James doing so on his blog, Monkey Mind.  I have been a fan of Peter Mayer since long before his recent performance at GA, and while I love the song that James highlighted (Holy Now), and while I had never thought of it as a Zen song… it is not my favorite. 

It is a different Peter Mayer song that comes so close to being a holder for my theology, for what it has felt generic sumatriptan online like to move from a Southern Baptist to a Unitarian Universalist, that it still brings me to tears, even after listening to it hundreds of times. 

So, for me, God is indeed the river…  and faith is living without hanging onto any more rocks than you have to…  and then only for awhile. 

Thank you for the inspiration to share my connection with this song, James. 

Yours in faith,

Rev. David

One Thought on “God is the River

  1. Patrick McLaughlin on Friday July 2, 2010 at 20:33 +0000 said:

    That song is one that I listened to almost every day, coming home from CPE. Not once did it fail to at least get a lump in my throat. And I’ve been doing a lot of letting go recently, and accepting the slow meandering flow… after getting attached to the wild raging rapids. I think Peter has captured a lot of current UU theology in a few songs.

    Yesterday, I drove to an appointment and back, listening to his newest CD–and All The World Is One hits me in one way, a sort of fire and that’s it! But I was surprised by another song–I’d listened to it, really liked it… and discovered that singing along with Do You Really Want to Know? without tears in my eyes seems impossible.

    Thanks David, thanks James.

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