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The Celestial Lands are Back! (Almost)

It has been a journey to restore the Celestial Lands website… and I won’t go into all of the different challenges that occurred in the transfer process and upgrade that we have gone through in the last few weeks. 

It would have gone alot faster had I not been in a very busy time in my congregational life as well.  In communicating with my hosting company, I have had to find / steal the occasional generic form of imitrex moment to restore the website. 

Functionality will come back to all the aspects of the site over the coming week or so.  I will restore the quote rotator next, then the Celestial Lands Journal, and then the Dynamic Deism Archive. 

But, the Celestial Lands blog (renamed the Wayside Pulpit) is back!  It has been a journey!

Yours in Faith,

Rev. David

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