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3 Thoughts on “Then You Win: Institutionalization and the Occupy Wall Street Protests

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  2. Yet another excellent analytical blog post David.

    You said – Democratic politicians need to find out who to jump out in front of so they can be the “leaders”.

    Aren’t Unitarian Universalist clergy, including UUA “politicians”. . . also jumping on the Occupy Wall Street bandwagon so that they too may appear to be “leaders”, or at least early adopters/sympathizers of this new social phenomenon?

    I guess they don”t call the Unitarian Universalist church “the religious arm of the Democratic Party” for nothing eh? 😉

  3. Very insightful post. There is an interesting article in the current issue of the Economist magazine which cites several social and economic researchers who find a strong correlation between fiscal austerity plans during economic downturns and social unrest of the Occupy Wallstreet variety (and more significant/disquieting types). They also find a correlation between the growing inequal distribution of wealth and such social unrest (“We are the 99%” being an expression of that). So perhaps those at the top may realize (given time and enough growing protests) that it is in their long term best interest to pay more in taxes or leave more of the pie for their poorer fellow citizens.

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