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Keep the Faith SPC Hall and Rev. Matt

I do not usually cross-post to other blogs here on Celestial Lands.  I use this blog as my public pre-writing for sermons and other essays… to clarify my own thoughts, to get them down in written form, and to do so while practicing my public, prophetic voice. 

But as many people have linked this blog for anyone who is interested in Unitarian Universalism and Military issues, I want to call your attention to an article by my friend Rev. Matt Tittle on his blog “Keep the Faith”.  The article references SPC Jeremy Hall, an Athiest serving in the military, and his lawsuit through the Military Religious Freedom Foundation based upon discrimination against him because of his faith. 

I am one of the Chaplain Candidates that Rev. Matt Tittle supports by his service on the Committee on Military Ministry.  I want to thank him for the wonderful article about his experience of religious discrimination during his military service, and for continuing that service in a different way today… 

 Airborne sir…. Airborne. 

 Yours in Faith,


One Thought on “Keep the Faith SPC Hall and Rev. Matt

  1. Patrick McLaughlin on Sunday April 27, 2008 at 17:44 +0000 said:


    Things move. Sometimes slowly–glaciers–and sometimes quickly–glaciers calving icebergs.

    Just yesterday I saw a room full of UUs, the large dinner gathering of those together for the PSWD’s District Assembly, give a huge round of applause when Rev. Cynthia Kane (I’m skipping her Lt. here because she was there in civvies, and at first, I didn’t recognize her!) spoke about the military chaplaincy and her participation, and Seanan Holland’s.

    I don’t think it would have been that long ago that the response would have been tepid, or mixed (and Cynthia noted that… gently). It was genuine, not asked for; it was spontaneous.

    Things move. We better understand the need and the importance.

    I have faith that other things will move, too.

    In Faith,

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