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The Election that Really Matters

There is an election that I have been following for several years, one that is of vital importance for the future of America, and for the World.  No, it is not the Republican Nomination for the President of the United States, nor is it Parliamentary Elections in Europe, nor is it the elections in Afghanistan.

No, it is the Election for the Philosopher of America!


While the last one is a bit over the top… it is not as “nasty” as the one that Immanuel Kant’s supporters took down, which put forth the true but unsubstantiated rumor that Nietzsche had Syphillis!

Oh, it is a non-serious morning for me. I woke up and Rick Perry had brought birtherism back, and I just needed to laugh…

Yours in faith,

Rev. David

2 Thoughts on “The Election that Really Matters

  1. Wait a sec….did Rick Perry bring up the subject…or did journalists stalking him bring up the subject and ask for his take? 🙂

  2. Oh, I think it is part of a coordinated strategy… seeing how far behind he is in the polls. I believe it is called the “kitchen sink” strategy.

    He said in an interview that it was a good issue to keep alive…

    That’s enough to make him bonkers in my book…

    Yours in faith,


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