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3 Thoughts on “Observations About Humanity… From Driving a Smart Car

  1. Dude, I think I’d pay money to see that thing painted or fitted with panels making it look like a TARDIS….lol! I’m almost jealous (except that car might feel too small for me….)

  2. “I’m just “Smart”er than you are, and it is time you just accept it.”
    They know you’re thinking that. Hence the hand gestures. The problem is that they’ll think you’re thinking it even if you aren’t. The solution to that problem is that you’re right to think it, so we’ve come full circle. The gestures and thoughts are all to be accepted and appropriate.

    Great story and well-written overall. I had a bit of trouble finding the facts, but you might put an ‘analytical thinker’ excerpt at the bottom with details like –
    90mph comfortable driving on the highway
    8 airbags and sport roll cage designed by Mercedes
    Mercedes design, warranty, and service
    plenty of room even for a big guy (your size?)
    Cost – $12,500 base
    Fuel economy – 40mpg+ (Prius is at least this much and efficient larger cars are 33mpg or so); economy is undercut by a requirement for premium gas.

    Smart sales – http://www.smartusa.com/models/pure-coupe/overview.aspx
    KBBs review of the 2012 Fortwo – http://www.kbb.com/smart/fortwo/2012-smart-fortwo/pure-expert_car_reviews/?vehicleid=373625&intent=buy-new
    Good review overall except for grave concerns about bad handling.

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