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My Seminary Graduation Gift: A Year with Honor Harrington

I was determined to give myself a gift at the end of 5 years of seminary, church internship, military chaplain basic training, hospital internship and hospice residency… and I did not know what I wanted. Could I be craving a vacation on a beach in the Caribbean? Well, always… but Read more →

Books for a UU RE Class on Theology in Science Fiction?

There has been wonderful response, (on the blog, in person, and through email) to my post on Theology in Science Fiction, and so I have a challenge for you.  If I were to teach a class on Theology in Science Fiction, what books do you think should be in the Read more →

Theology in Science Fiction

Since I was 9 years old, Science Fiction has played an amazingly important role in my life. I am secure enough in my identity that I do not mind admitting my personal geekdom. In truth, I credit a decent amount of who I have become to my encounter with science fiction Read more →